• The pilot base project of the innovation center has been approved and the process technology, scheme design and environmental impact assessment reports are being compiled. According to the plan, in June, the project processes will be determined, the scheme will be designed, the geological exploration report and the planning permit will be finished. In July, all construction drawings will be designed and contract information of the participating units will be collected. In August, the construction drawing will be reviewed, the construction permit will be issued and the engineering will be started. The project (phase I) will be put into operation in early 2022.



    Intellectual property management mechanism with reasonable distribution and clear rights and interests.

    Establish rules and regulations for intellectual property rights

    Improve the intellectual property management system

    The property rights belong to the Innovation Center
    Purchase or introduction of self-owned funds
    The property right belongs to the innovation center
    The property right belongs to the innovation center
    Independent development project
    Agreed results upon at the time of project approval
    Agreed results upon at the time of project approval(within 3 years)

    Joint investment and joint development
    Agreed results upon at the
    time of project approval
    Ownership distribution participation units
    enjoys priority exclusive right
    (within 3 years)



  • The innovation center has set up a research and development team with academician Yu Jianyong, president of Donghua University, as the chief scientist, and trained a number of academic and technical leaders and technical backbones with independent R & D capabilities and engineering application thinking. It focuses on breaking through high-end industrial textiles, new functional textile materials, bio-based chemical fibers and key common technological issues to be overcome in the future national strategy and form a professional support team in strategic research, core technology research and development, engineering verification and industrialization, technical consultation and training, and achievement transformation, etc. At present, the innovation center has established three project R & D teams of polyamide direct spinning and industrialization technology, antimony-free fiber development and industrialization application technology, and bio-based synthetic polymer fiber technology and introduced Professor Sun Gang of Textile and Garment Department of University of California, Davis (UC Davis) as a member of the innovation center Strategic Advisory Committee; and Zeng Xianyi, a professor of the ENSAIT: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles(Roubaix) and a member of the evaluation committee of the materials and production discipline of the French national scientific research program ANR was invited to come to the innovation center to exchange views and employed as a part-time research and development staff of the innovation center. In addition, the innovation center has introduced 24 postgraduates.

  • Team of Professor Nanliang Chen from Donghua University
    Professor, PhD supervisor, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Donghua University, and vice president.
    The main research and development direction is the development and application of industrial textile technology, with in-depth research foundation in high-performance fiber special weaving technology and product development. A number of technical research products have been successfully applied as key materials to the "Tiangong" and "Tianzhou" series of spacecraft, and "Beidou" and "Tiantong" series of high-performance satellites.

  • Professor Gao Weidong of Jiangnan University
    Professor, doctoral supervisor, director of Textile Research Institute.
    Gao Weidong mainly studies digital textile technology and new textile materials. He is now studying image recognition technology for fiber and textile parameters, fiber and textile quality image analysis technology and performance evaluation of textile products.

  • Professor Wang Huaping of Donghua University
    Professor, doctoral supervisor, assistant dean of Research Institute of Donghua University, director of key laboratory (B) of the Ministry of Education for High Performance Fiber and Products, textile academic leader of China, leading talent of China’s textile technology innovation.
    Main research and development and service fields involve melt spinning molding, bio-based fiber materials, engineering fiber materials and so on.

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