• Project 1: Development of antimony-free polyester fiber

    “At present, antimony catalysts are still being used in polyester industry, resulting in excessive discharge of heavy metal antimony, and the closure of many printing and dyeing plants. If the problem of heavy metal antimony can be solved from the raw material end, it will be of great significance to the green development of the textile industry chain.” The innovation center has set up a 9-person R & D team to develop and produce titanium catalysts or multi-metal catalysts and design specialized polymerization devices to replace the current antimony catalysts to produce antimony-free fibers, which has the advantage of environmental protection and is expected to reduce antimony pollution in Taihu Lake Basin.



    Development technology and application unit for environmental
    friendly domestic polyester filament FDY oil:

    Jiangsu Guowang Gaoke Fiber Co., LTD
    Xin Feng Ming Group Co., LTD
    Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemical Co.,LTD
    Tianjin Industry University for the Textile Auxiliaries Co., LTD







  • Development of antimony-free polyester fibers

    Relying on the national platform of shareholders and alliance units, the innovation Center implements antimony-free polyester fiber development projects.
    The project with Bian Shuchang High-tech as the technical leader of the RESEARCH and development team, closely follow the international forefront of polyester catalyst technology, research and development of antimony free polyester fiber with safety and environmental protection advantages, to reach the domestic leading level.

  • (中文) 环保型国产聚酯长丝FDY油剂研发

    Relying on the national platform of shareholders and alliance units, the innovation Center has carried out environmental protection domestic polyester filament FDY oil research and development project. This project is jointly developed with Tianjin Polytechnic Textile Additives Co., LTD., through the compounding and optimization of oil components to reduce VOC volatilization in polyester synthesis and spinning post-processing, in order to achieve the purpose of ecological and environmental protection of chemical fiber products.



    The innovation center has the features and advantages of complete disciplines, various talents, smooth information and objective attitudes. Experts there can comprehensively analyze many technical issues and project feasibility problems from an overall perspective and put forward scientific and feasible plans and measures for the reference of relevant institutions or production enterprises in their making decisions. The innovation center can help customers to adopt new technology, develop new products, save development time and cost, and reduce technical risks of application development.

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