Textile testing center of the innovation center was rated as the National SME Public Service Demonstration Platform in 2019 and its testing items cover more than 80 testing items and 21 textile products in terms of their color fastness, physical performance, ecological environmental protection and functions of textiles. Products can be tested according to the following standards: international standards ISO/EN, American standard AATCC/ASTM, British standard BS, German standard DIN, Japanese standard JIS, national standard GB, GB/T, FZ and so on. In the future, the innovation center will purchase experimental equipment for textile functional testing, green fiber evaluation, recycled fiber and flame retardant fiber, expand ecological environmental protection and functional testing items and establish a testing and evaluation system with five dimensions, including functional testing, ecological climate testing, physical performance testing, ecological safety testing, and social responsibility evaluation, so as to build an "advanced functional fiber public service platform" integrating the integrative functions of testing, standards and application evaluation.

  • Ecological laboratory

  • Physics laboratory

  • Color fastness laboratory

  • Dye auxiliaries analysis laboratory

  • Testing Center Hall