Testing, standards and application evaluation


Relying on Shenghong Textile Inspection Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the center, to build an internationally advanced, domestic first-class fiber and product testing, standard and application evaluation integration of “advanced functional fiber public service platform” to form external service capabilities and achieve profitability. Mainly include: First, establish and improve functional fiber new materials, high-end fiber materials and textiles, cutting-edge fiber new material raw materials, production and product standards, expand product index systems, establish functional testing, ecological climate testing, physical performance testing, and ecological safety testing , Social responsibility evaluation and other five-dimensional testing and evaluation system. The second is to improve the detection technology and detection methods related to functional fiber new materials, high-end fiber materials and textiles, and cutting-edge fiber new materials, establish unified evaluation indicators, and standardize product evaluation systems and sales markets. The third is to conduct professional evaluations, simulate application scenarios, design application indicators, and conduct professional application evaluations for different application fields of fibers.