The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document to deploy the industrial quality brand building work in 2020


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a document to make arrangements for the construction of industrial quality brands in 2020, requiring local industry and information technology authorities, relevant ministries, China Quality Association, and relevant industry associations to improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing and promote quality Change as the goal, enhance quality innovation capabilities, optimize the quality development environment, consolidate the basis for quality improvement, cultivate new advantages in manufacturing quality, and promote the advanced manufacturing industry base and the modernization of the industrial chain. Focus on the six tasks of guiding the upgrading of the enterprise’s quality management system, promoting advanced quality tools and methods, steadily promoting quality classification evaluation, deepening the development of industrial brand cultivation, improving the basic level of quality technology, and strengthening the training of quality brand talents.

The original text is as follows:

Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Doing a Good Job in the Construction of Industrial Quality Brands in 2020

Industry and Information Technology Department Letter ﹝2020﹞59

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities under separate state planning, Xinjiang Construction Corps, relevant departments of industry and information technology, relevant units under the Ministry, China Quality Association, relevant industry associations:

In order to implement the spirit of the National Conference on Industry and Information Technology and the “Implementation Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Quality Improvement of Manufacturing Products and Services” (Industry and Information Technology Department [2019] No. 188), we will focus on increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands , To promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the relevant matters concerning the construction of the industrial quality brand in 2020 are hereby notified as follows:

1. General requirements

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, firmly establish a new development concept, adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and The goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing industry, promote quality change, enhance quality innovation capabilities, optimize the quality development environment, consolidate the foundation for quality improvement, cultivate new advantages in manufacturing quality, and promote the advanced manufacturing industry base and the modernization of the industrial chain.

2. Key tasks

(1) Guiding the upgrade of enterprise quality management system

Guide enterprises to improve their quality responsibility system, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, improve the quality traceability mechanism of the product life cycle, make self-declaration on product and service quality standards, and accept social supervision. Promote enterprises to strengthen overall quality management, introduce management models such as excellent performance, Six Sigma, and lean manufacturing, explore the construction of a whole-process quality management system based on digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and improve quality management capabilities. Guide large enterprises to establish and improve the second-party quality audit system, strengthen the guidance and supervision of the quality, technology, technology, equipment and personnel of the suppliers of SMEs, and continuously improve the quality of supply chain supply. Support relevant units to implement customer satisfaction projects, promote the construction of a quality integrity system, and improve customer satisfaction and corporate quality benefits.

(2) Promote advanced quality tools and methods

Support industry associations and professional institutions to continue to carry out quality benchmark selection and experience exchange. Encourage local industry and informatization authorities, professional institutions, and industry associations to promote modern quality management methods and quality engineering technologies, develop related tools and software (APP), and focus on improving the reliability of integrated circuits and mechanical equipment to carry out technical research, analysis and evaluation, Consultation, diagnosis and professional communication. Support relevant institutions and industry associations to promote the construction of corporate quality culture, organize and carry out mass quality activities such as quality management teams, team management, on-site management, and “Quality Month”. Support professional institutions to track and study quality management and quality control technologies under new production methods and business models, and create various forms of quality technology communication carriers. Support the development of quality technology innovation and reliability improvement industry exchanges, and promote the leap of quality of some key products.

(3) Steadily promote quality classification evaluation

Focusing on iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials, petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, continue to promote the quality classification of industrial products, research and formulate product quality classification standards around product performance, technical capabilities, and user needs, and rely on industrial product trading platforms and other circulation channels to carry out Demonstration application of quality classification. Pilot promotion of consumer quality grading for electronic products, home appliances, etc., to determine grading standards around key features such as product safety performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligence level, user experience, etc., and to increase quality grading based on the acceptance of e-commerce platforms and comparative analysis of domestic and foreign product quality Publicize and implement promotion efforts to promote the consumption of high-quality products. Strengthen the construction of the first (set) major equipment inspection and evaluation system, explore the establishment of a quality-level insurance operation mechanism, and encourage the use of high-quality products in major equipment and key projects.

(4) Deepen the development of industrial brand cultivation

Support industries, localities and professional institutions to continue to organize and carry out corporate brand cultivation standards publicity and implementation activities, and promote the development of brand management system maturity evaluation. Guide enterprises to improve the level of creative design, improve user experience, and enhance cultural added value; encourage localities to promote high-quality manufacturing projects; support the industry to carry out product quality identification and user satisfaction product selection. Continue to promote the construction of regional brands of industrial clusters, guide the clusters to strengthen the construction of technical service platforms, and improve industrial competitiveness and regional brand influence by improving standards, registering collective trademarks, and publicizing and promoting. Encourage the planning and organization of special events around China Brand Day, guide the development of China’s industrial brand journey, brand story contest, brand innovation results release and other activities, and continue to enhance the image of the industrial brand.

(5) Improve the basic level of quality and technology

Encourage the local industry and informatization authorities to combine quality improvement with intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and industrial Internet construction, and increase quality upgrading technical transformation and technical innovation support. Encourage localities, enterprises and social organizations to formulate advanced standards that meet high-level market needs, support industries and enterprises to actively participate in the formulation of international advanced standards, and promote quality upgrades with advanced standards. Support the development of public service platforms such as R&D and design, measurement testing, reliability verification, inspection and testing in the fields of Internet of Vehicles, 5G, integrated circuits, new materials, and Internet of Things Support professional institutions to provide quality control and technical evaluation services to the society, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, and improve the reliability and stability of basic industrial products.

(6) Strengthen the training of quality brand talents

Support related associations to organize and carry out comprehensive quality management knowledge competitions to promote quality brand quality education. Encourage professional institutions to be guided by the needs of enterprises, systematically promote the training of quality talents in the manufacturing industry, and expand the capabilities of professional talents such as chief quality officers, chief brand officers, quality reliability engineers, and brand managers. Guide enterprises to combine the industry and its own characteristics, strengthen quality knowledge, knowledge, and job skills training, and strictly implement key posts with certificates. Promote the establishment of a quality education network involving institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, industry associations and enterprises, organize the development of quality brand promotion “14th Five-Year” series of textbooks, and create quality brand quality courses. Support the establishment of quality research institutes, brand research institutes, industrial quality and brand talent training bases, and accelerate the creation of quality brand professional teams.

Three, job requirements

Local industry and information technology authorities, relevant associations, and professional institutions should strengthen the promotion and implementation of quality brands, actively carry out online training and consulting services, and urge enterprises to implement “quality first” throughout the entire production and operation process, and carry out comprehensive quality management. Management needs quality and management needs efficiency. Focus on strengthening the guidance of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of products directly related to epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood protection, and promote the improvement of the quality of the industrial chain.

All relevant units shall, in accordance with the requirements of the notice, formulate an annual work plan for quality brand building in their region, industry or unit, and submit it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Science and Technology Department) before April 15. It is necessary to establish a multi-party cooperation mechanism, strengthen process tracking and result evaluation, timely summarize and refine the highlights and outstanding results of the work, and submit the annual work summary before December 10.

hereby notify.

General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

March 27, 2020