International cooperation and exchange


The first is to strengthen international academic exchanges, hold 1 to 2 academic exchange meetings every year, and exchange 3 to 5 times with foreign universities and research institutions. Strengthen the learning and promotion of talents and exchange interaction, and use this to introduce overseas talents. The second is to strengthen international technical cooperation, adopting commissioned research and development, joint development, advanced technology introduction and absorption, the establishment of joint laboratories, patent cross-licensing, etc., to promote the research and development of leading-edge technologies; the third is to accelerate the introduction of advanced technologies, introduce foreign advanced equipment, and build R&D, testing and engineering conditions, provide industry demonstrations, absorb, digest, re-innovate, and improve technological level; fourth, strengthen international industrial cooperation, promote international exchanges and cooperation in the industry, and establish platforms for international exchanges and cooperation; fifth, participate in international Standard formulation to promote the internationalization of our country’s standards.