Talent team building


During the project period, the center absorbed 120 scientific and technological personnel. Establish a talent training mechanism that closely integrates production, education, research and application, strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents and entrepreneurship, actively carry out international talent exchange and cooperation training, and form a product design, evaluation, standard, testing service team, preparation technical team, and application Technical team. The first is to introduce and train academic + engineering talents: academic and technical leaders and technical backbones with independent scientific research capabilities and engineering application thinking, engaged in the development and industrial application of antimony-free fibers, design and preparation of flame-retardant fiber materials, and direct polyamide Research and promotion of textile R&D and industrialization technology, bio-based synthetic polymer fiber, industrialization and application of nanofiber materials. The second is to set up industrialized compound talents: a team of industrialized technical talents based on enterprise technical teams, and joint research by schools and scientific research institutes, to provide a solid force for the incubation and industrialization of central functional fibers.