Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission came to the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center for research and guidance


At 10:45 on the morning of April 16, a group of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology came to Wujiang Science and Technology Park National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center and Exhibition Hall, and the National Textile Testing Center visited and investigated. Huang, Director of the New Materials Division of the Commission Jie, Jin Ye, Deputy Director, Zhao Wanli, Deputy Director of Technology Progress, Shanghai Industrial Exhibition Company Chen Yeqi, Zhao Chunling, etc. participated in the investigation, accompanied by Innovation Center Director Wang Yuping, Innovation Center Deputy General Manager Mei Feng, Donghua University Xie Xuhong, Chen Ye, Chen Xiangling, etc.


Visit the testing center


At the survey meeting, the two parties discussed the structure, operation mode and positioning of the innovation center. Mei Feng introduced the construction process of the innovation center. As early as the end of 2017, the company went to the Chemical Fiber Industry Association and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to use the superior resources of universities and associations. Carry out integration and start preparations for the application and construction of the innovation center.

Research Symposium

The number of shareholders of the Innovation Center has increased from 9 to 15, and industrial funds have been introduced, bringing together leading companies in the polyester fiber industry chain, polyamide fiber industry chain, and high-performance fiber industry chain; , Commercialized application of the innovation alliance of the entire innovation chain, the current alliance unit has developed more than 100 members, including industry backbone enterprises, colleges and universities, industry upstream and downstream enterprises, etc. At present, it has covered more than 50% of the national key laboratory, national engineering laboratory, national engineering technology center, national engineering research center and other national innovation platforms in this field, which can provide resources and services for key common technologies in the research and development industry.

The innovation center implements corporate operation and relies on the operation of Jiangsu New Vision Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center Co., Ltd., and establishes a board of directors under the supervision of the shareholders meeting. The board of directors is the central decision-making body responsible for major decisions of the company; the board of directors adopts a dual-person system with division of responsibilities. The director is responsible for daily operation management, and the general manager is responsible for R&D and innovation management; at the same time, the operating company implements the “technical and management two-wheel drive” organizational model, establishes a strategy advisory committee and an operation decision-making committee, and provides consulting suggestions for the innovation center, including the center’s development strategy Planning, construction direction and program, and project evaluation. The chairman of the company is Miao Hangen, the director of the center Wang Yuping, the general manager Wang Huaping, and the deputy general manager Mei Feng. They have rich experience in technology research and development, achievement transformation and business management.

The innovation center is both led by Shenghong Group and Donghua University. Xie Xuhong added that since Donghua University had a very good foundation for cooperation with Shenghong and Shengze Town before, it invested in research institutes in Shengze and subsequently promoted the innovation center. Shi directly transferred the assets of the original research institute and became the first shareholders very efficiently. The innovation center will form an operating mechanism centered on laboratory + pilot line + testing center to better serve the industry.

Innovation Center Introduction

The Shanghai Economic and Information Commission raised questions about the government’s specific support for the innovation center, the production capacity of the pilot line, the operation mode of the project and other construction projects, how to increase shareholder units, and patents. Wang Yuping explained that the government provided all-round support for the construction of the innovation center in terms of funds, land, and R&D projects; guided by market demand, the innovation center, together with enterprises, universities, and research institutes, jointly carried out the pilot-scale transformation of laboratory technology. A pilot research platform supported by core elements to build an industrial chain collaborative R&D and promotion platform for terminal applications; the current biggest pressure on innovation centers comes from the transformation of research results, industrialization assessment, and addressing the shortcomings of the national industry.

Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission


Sheng Hong invested tens of millions of funds in the testing center to expand the testing project services related to protective medical products; the innovation center established a collaborative innovation mechanism for politics, industry, academia, research, and finance, and all member units coordinated to formulate development strategies and technology research and development roadmaps. Make overall plans for basic research, application development and industrialization, form complementary advantages, and realize the coordinated allocation of resources and win-win benefits. In view of different divisions of labor and different links in the industrial chain, selective capital investment or equity participation or holding is made so that university technology can be quickly put into use, realize industrial application, and finally realize the self-“blood making” of the innovation center. At the research meeting, the two parties expressed their hope that in the future, they can have more in-depth exchanges, help each other, learn from experience and bring new benefits.


Finally, Shanghai Industrial Exhibition Company introduced the company’s business and China International Industry Fair, and invited the Innovation Center to participate. The 22nd China International Industry Fair will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from September 15 to 19, 2020. It is in an orderly preparation process. There are 9 major exhibitions including the new material industry exhibition, the robot exhibition, and the machine tool exhibition. , The scope of exhibits covers materials for the information technology industry, CNC machine tools and robotic materials, aerospace equipment materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical equipment materials, cutting-edge new materials, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, etc. There will be corresponding press conferences every day for the first four days. Companies from related industries are welcome to participate.

Review of the last industrial fair